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Location and Facility

Situated on a multi-functional site that also incorporates Pathology, Pharmacy and Medical Imaging services our modern Centre is uniquely placed to provide its enrolled patients, visitors and newly relocated people to the Cambridge community, with a comprehensive and service focused experience.

Teaching Practice

We are involved in teaching both graduate (qualified) and undergraduate (student) doctors and nurses. On occasions you may be asked for your permission for another person to be present during a consultation. This is entirely voluntary, but please remember you will be helping to train and give experience to another doctor/nurse. If you decline, this does not alter your consultation or management.


Please be considerate to other patients if you have several problems which may require more time than one appointment allows. You are welcome to book a double appointment if you think this is necessary - this will carry an additional charge. If you require special procedures or dressings the fees may reflect this.

We try to ensure that you see your regular doctor as this maintains continuity of care. It is therefore best if you make your appointment in advance. If there is a significant delay you may be offered an appointment with another doctor. Please tell the receptionist if your problem is urgent.

If you attend the centre during normal opening hours in an emergency or bring an injured or very ill person, the nurse will triage first. You will see the Doctor that is available at the time.

If you have made an appointment which is no longer needed, please ring us at least 2 hours beforehand so that it can be made available for another patient. There is a charge for missed appointments.


For patients with mobile phones - we are able to contact you by text for routine things as reminders, immunisations, results etc. We need your consent to do this. Please advise our reception staff if you do not consent to be contacted by text.

Joining the Practice

To register with our practice you need to complete an enrollment form. We will request your medical history from your previous doctor with your permission and you will be asked to sign a form for this.

Updating your details

Please let us know promptly when you move house or change your contact details, including cell phone numbers. From time to time we need to initiate contact with you and up-to-date information is important.

Dealing with Difficulties

If there is a problem about the way you have been treated, or if you are unhappy with any of the services provided, you need to tell us as soon as possible. Please contact the Business Manager or outline your concerns in a letter to the practice. We treat our patients with courtesy and expect patient to treat our staff the same way.

Test Results

Please allow approximately 3 days for laboratory and scan results. In case of an abnormal result, or for further instructions from your doctor you will be contacted in a timely manner.

If your test results or scan results are normal it is not routine practice for us to phone you.

Please feel free to contract the Medical Centre for your test result.  Results are also available online if you sign up for MyIndici.

Leaving the Practice

If you leave the practice, please let us know so that we can cancel reminder notices and keep our records up to date. Your new doctor will request your notes from us once you have authorised this.

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